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DOT Prohibition of Hazardous Materials on Airplanes

Annie 12/22/2015

The DOT has published new regulations impacting commercial air transportation and hazardous materials which goes into effect January 1st, 2016. Take a moment to brush up on the information below.


At times items which seem harmless to the average user can cause problems with they are transported by air. Vibrations, pressure changes and temperature adjustments can cause products to leak out toxic fumes which become very dangerous for a variety of reasons. These hazardous materials are highly regulated for air travel so knowing what you can and cannot bring with you in advance of you next trip can be very helpful. Awareness of these regulations will keep you and your fellow passengers safe and help you avoid a fine from $250 - $50,000. Not to worry, the higher fines are meant for those who intentionally break hazardous materials regulations.


There are separate allowances for items in carry on versus checked baggage but the majority of the time all hazardous materials are not approved for travel. For example; lithium batteries are approved for carry on transport but not in checked bags. This means that if your bag gets checked at the gate you are responsible for retrieving the lithium batteries and carrying them in the cabin with you.



Be sure you know the rules and regulations by referencing the chart in the link below.


Travel well!

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