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Flying with Toddlers

Annie 01/04/2016

Toddler Travel

Flying with toddlers can be tricky because they are mobile but hard to reason with.  Below are some tips on how to make the flight as enjoyable as possible!

  1. Check in as soon as possible to make sure you secure seats that are next to each other and in a spot that you are comfortable with.
  2. Toddlers don’t have a very long attention span so plan on 15 minute increments of play time per toy. Have enough toys in rotation to cover the flight. Playdoh, stickers, coloring books and snacks are all great!
  3. The FAA recommends using a child restraint system for children under 40lbs. There are a variety of options available but be sure to purchase one that is FAA approved.
  4. Work with a travel agent! They will help you navigate the best times to travel with children as well as family friendly vacations and travel discounts!
  5. Don’t place children in an aisle seat. They are best in the middle or window seat as they are less likely to get bumped or be tempted to run through the aisle.
  6. Snacks, snacks and more snacks! Kids always seem to be hungry at the most inconvenient times so you want to be prepared. Food always helps avoid a meltdown.
  7. Talk about the flight in advance of flying. Read books, watch videos and provide them with as much exposure to the plane and the flying as possible. This will alleviate anxiety before and during the flight.  
  8. If you are able to arrange it, fly during nap times so that they can sleep for a portion of the flight.

 Travel well!

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