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New Regulations Regarding Domestic Travel

Jessica 09/18/2015


Updated safety measures have been underway following the September 11th attacks to track and regulate travelers on our domestic airways. Within the following few months, it is reported that American’s will now be required to travel with either a traditional passport, or a federally-compliant ID card in order to board even domestic flights. This act, known as REAL ID, is the creation of a national ID system, combining all of the 50 American states and territories driver-licensing systems. This allows data for all registered drivers to be shared nationwide. Currently, 41 states in addition to Washington D.C. have complied with the REAL ID requirements. New York State is among the remaining few states who have failed to comply with the requirements through the DMV system.


So, what does this mean for you??


Regular NYS driver’s licenses will no longer be acceptable for domestic airline travel, as early as January 2016. However, it is likely that officials will accept enhanced driver’s licenses as an acceptable form of ID for travel. Passports, of course, are acceptable as well. The Department of Homeland Security ensures that there will be much notice given to the public, before these requirements officially change.


But why wait? What better time than now to apply for a passport, and open the opportunities for travel both domestically, and around the world!


Learn more about applying for a passport.


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